Behind the Scenes of The Traka 360: Europe’s Brutally Beautiful Gravel Race

In a film presented by The Service Course, ENVE, OPEN Cycles, Klassmark, and Sweet Protection, follow Diederik Deelen on his custom bike as he vies to win The Traka 360.

The Service Course is proud to release its latest film project, “The Traka 360.” It follows the story of its mechanic and aspiring gravel racer, Diederik Deelen.

Deelen surprised himself and many by winning The Traka 200 in 2021. Now, he’s upping the ante and setting his sights on a more demanding and longer race: The Traka 360.

Traka 360
Racing The Traka 360; (photo/The Service Course)

This is one of Europe’s most brutally beautiful gravel races in the Spanish province of Girona. Riders must complete close to 224 miles of riding in various conditions, primarily gravel and cobbly streets. They can choose their adventure regarding route deviations and stops they want to make; however, they must complete the set racecourse within 36 hours. 

The Service Course and other partner brands decided they would build a bike for Deelen for his attempt at winning such a significant race.

Custom Bike for The Traka 360

Traka 360 custom bike
Artist Sergio Vergel Escribano in action; (photo/The Service Course)

What better excuse to create the ultimate gravel race machine, complete with paint inspired by the rugged natural beauty of the route itself?

Traka 360
Behind-the-scenes painting by Sergio Vergel Escribano for The Traka 360; (photo/The Service Course)

This project has been many months in the making. It’s the result of support from numerous sponsors. And it’s not all stress and strain — there’s going to be a party to celebrate the film. 

The global film premiere was in Girona on Wednesday. It celebrated an intense and challenging event and aimed to bring together the broader cycling community. If you’re not currently in Europe, fret not. The film launches online at 4 p.m. CST on Friday, June 17, on The Service Course YouTube channel

Brands Involved in The Traka 360 Custom Bike

Traka 360 custom bike
The custom bike was built and hand-painted by Sergio Vergel Escribano for The Traka 360; (photo/The Service Course)

Runtime: 24 minutes

The film is in partnership with The Service Course, ENVE, OPEN Cycles, Klassmark, and Sweet Protection.

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