Spray-On: WD-40 debuts Bike Line

WD-40 Company developed its original water-displacing formula in the 1950s for use on nuclear missiles. Next year, the company is getting into bikes.

After a year of development, the iconic cleaning and lubricating brand will debut its WD-40 BIKE line at the Interbike trade show next month.

WD-40 chain lube

The company is tight-lipped on how this lube line will differ from its original spray. But press materials cite a collaboration between the company and professional bike mechanics in the making of the to-be-released wet and dry chain lubricants, degreaser, foaming bike wash, and a frame protectant product.

WD-40 BIKE, a subsidiary business unit, will focus only on cycling-specific maintenance products. The line will be sold in bicycle retailers across the United States starting in 2013.

—Patrick Murphy

WD-40 degreaser

Patrick Murphy

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