Ural Tourist sidecar motorcycle with BOTE SUP

Dream Machine: Win This Custom Sidecar Motorcycle With SUP and Rack

BOTE hit the machine shop and outfitted a Ural Tourist motorcycle with a wild-looking standup paddleboard rack. And now the SUP-maker is giving it away!

Brands do giveaways all the time to garner attention and create buzz. But every once in a while, we come across a contest so unique and gnarly, we have to share it too.

Well, paddleboard manufacturer BOTE launched just such a campaign. From now until May 31, you can enter to win a BOTE Blackout HD paddleboard. And did we mention it comes strapped to a custom rack welded onto a Ural Tourist sidecar motorcycle?!

Giveaway: Ural Tourist Sidecar Motorcycle + BOTE SUP

Custom made by BOTE’s design and engineering team, the rack setup is truly one of a kind. Accordingly, the brand calls it “a Frankenstein made of resin and steel, paddle and pistons.”

In reality, it’s a 2012 Ural Tourist with a sidecar and aftermarket rack setup. Toss in the 12-foot HD Gatorshell Blackout Paddleboard, and one lucky winner will score a prize worth more than $15,000.

Ural Tourist sidecar motorcycle with BOTE SUP

We have no idea what this rig will feel like on the open road, especially with a 12-foot board strapped to it. But we sure would like to get behind the bars.

Enter the Paddle and Pistons giveaway here. And feel free to take us for a spin if you win!

BOTE SUP Ural Giveaway

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