Sustainably-Harvested Surfboard

The eco surfboard has fully arrived: There are now boards made of bamboo, sustainably-harvested wood, cork, recycled materials, and even a board with a foam derived from soy beans. A small shop in Ocean Beach, Calif., Hess Surfboards is one example. The company builds boards like the Singer, a 5 foot, 11 inch model, with materials including recycled foam and reclaimed and sustainably-harvested wood.

The company uses an epoxy that emits less pollutants and does not require solvents to clean up. The result is a solid, hand-crafted ride with a lower environmental footprint. Hess Surfboards Singer costs $1,800.

—Stephen Regenold

This product is a part of a series of “Green Gear” highlighted on Gear Junkie and an accompanying article on ESPN this week. See all the featured products below.

Stephen Regenold

Stephen Regenold is Founder of GearJunkie, which he launched as a nationally-syndicated newspaper column in 2002. As a journalist and writer, Regenold has covered the outdoors industry for two decades, including as a correspondent for the New York Times. A father of five, Regenold and his wife live in Minneapolis.