‘I Am XTRATUF’: McKenna Peterson Is a Master of the Sea and Snow

Water comes in many forms, and McKenna Peterson has built her life around it. She conquers sea and snow as the captain of the F/V Atlantis, a salmon fisher in Southeast Alaska, and a professional skier.

As one of the few female captains and a generational commercial fisherman in Southeast Alaska, Peterson carries pressure in a high-stakes, high-risk industry. Commercial fishing is fiercely competitive, and even the most experienced fishermen can’t guarantee that fish will be caught.

Twenty-hour days fishing are the norm, and working without sleep is common — and there are still a number of variables that can make or break a successful fishing season. The most important aspect of commercial fishing is resiliency, and Peterson embodies this trait.

While she’s not at sea, she fuels other active passions as a professional downhill skier. Peterson brings passion and intensity to everything she does — and embodies the spirit of XTRATUF.

Take a look and learn more about her in the “I Am XTRATUF” video series.

Runtime: 9 minutes, 40 seconds

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