In ‘Primitive,’ Filmmaker Takes Deep Dive Into Vancouver Surf Culture

Nature, forest, ocean, tradition. Explore Canada’s surf culture through one surfer’s family tree.

In his latest film, Ben Lalande tells the tale of a coldwater surfer from Canada named Kalum Bruhwiler. The Bruhwiler family is known for pioneering the surf culture in Vancouver, Canada, but even so, Kalum Bruhwiler surfs with his own unique style.

“Gisele Bruhwiler moved to Tofino when the now-renowned Canadian surf town was nothing more than a small fishing village. Since then, she has raised an entire family of pro-surfers, but did so the old way, showing them how to sail and live off the land,” teases the film description.

“Primitive” unravels the Bruhwiler family history, Tofino’s history, and more through the lens of Gisele and Kalum Bruhwiler.

This short film has a run time of 4 minutes. Filmed and edited by Benoit Lalande, NOMAD films.

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