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Grand Canyon Raft Speed Record Attempt: Full Video

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In January, the U.S. Men’s Rafting Team pushed for more than 39 hours on one hell of a custom raft to attempt a record-setting descent of the Grand Canyon.

White water rapids in total darkness, hours of flatwater paddling, and a 48-foot vessel all went into the Colorado River’s Grand Canyon speed record attempt.

The training, route strategy, raft creation, and final effort all go into “The Time Travelers,” a beautiful 18-minute film by Forest Woodward and Brenden Leonard.

We covered the incredible story in January, complete with an interview and more in-depth look at the gear it took. Check it out to learn more.

grand canyon speed record raft

Speed Record Attempt Of Grand Canyon In Custom Boat

A giant, custom-made raft was piloted down the Grand Canyon last week. Its crew pushed for more than 39 hours straight set on breaking a record. Read more…

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