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Go Fish: Paddleboard While You Cast on the iROCKER BLACKFIN Model XL SUP

Person with a hat reeling in a fish from an iRocker stand up paddle board on the water.(Photo/iROCKER)
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iROCKER offers both hard and inflatable SUPs designed to take on a variety of nautical adventures. The brand designed the BLACKFIN Model XL to handle more than a casual trip across the water.

With the rise in popularity of standup paddleboarding in recent years, SUP brands have been hard at work creating boards that can do more, like offering anglers a vessel to fish from.

The inflatable BLACKFIN Model XL was made for just that. iROCKER designed this board to take you further than simply paddling across your favorite bodies of water. It says that, due to its triple-layer PVC composite construction with a carbon rail, the BLACKFIN Model XL is capable of giving you a quality fishing trip with increased durability and rigidity.

The BLACKFIN model also allows for additional attachments (sold separately) such as a fishing rack and a sand spear push pole that should make bringing in the catch of the day as easy as casting your line.

Two people fishing off of iRocker Blackfin Model XL SUPS

A Workhorse Among SUPs

The BLACKFIN XL is a whopping 11.6 feet long, 34 inches wide, and 6 inches thick, making it an option for taller riders as well as those who like to bring along lots of gear or a canine companion. It weighs in at 29 pounds without its bag and accessories. With all accessories included, it weighs closer to 52 pounds. Don’t worry, though — the backpack has wheels.

With a weight limit of 485 pounds, this inflatable board allows for the addition of rods, coolers, and any gear necessary for the day’s adventures.


BLACKFIN Model XL Highlights

  • Carbon rail: Every BLACKFIN board is built with a triple-layer PVC construction with a carbon rail for added stability and rigidity.
  • Fishing rack capability: Stay organized on your board with a dedicated space to store a fishing rod, cooler, bucket, or tacklebox (sold separately).
  • Sand spear capability: Use the sand spear to anchor you in place once you’ve found the ideal fishing spot (sold separately). 
  • Action mounts and D-rings: Equipped with 8 multifunctional gear mounts and 20 D-rings, you won’t have to worry about going without all your favorite gear (or beer).
  • Accessories:
    • 1 x 3-piece travel paddle carbon matte shaft with nylon blade
    • 1 x dual-chamber, triple-action hand pump
    • 1 x 10′ leash with key stash spot
    • 1 x travel roller backpack
    • 3 x removable nylon SUP fins (1 center fin and 2 side fins)
    • 1 x repair kit (patches and valve wrench — glue sold separately)

Fishing From iRocker Blackfin Model XL

Why Fish From a SUP?

SUPs are generally cheaper than boats — not to mention that the portability and smaller size allow a much larger range of access than you could get with a boat.

The lack of bulk also allows for a better view into the water, as well as less noise and commotion to potentially scare fish away. Being able to easily sit, stretch out, or stand offers more ways to be not only comfortable but also more effective than if you were stuck sitting on the bench of a kayak.

The real question is, why not? The durable construction of SUPs makes a puncture unlikely. The increased size and weight capacity of inflatable boards like this one mean that you don’t have to sacrifice your favorite gear and accessories, and the size makes it easy to relax or get closer to the action.

So, why fish from a SUP? Because you can — and because it’s fun.


This article is sponsored by iROCKER. Find more products like the BLACKFIN XL online.

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