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eFoiling Quality, Durability, and Affordability Unite: Introducing the Flite AIR

Fliteboard offers up its top-quality efoiling tech in a more durable and value priced product. Dropstitch technology is at the heart of the new Flite AIR and AIR PRO models.

Flite AIR efoil(Photo/Fliteboard)
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Fliteboard just introduced its latest and most affordable efoiling offering yet at the 2024 Miami International Boat Show. The Flite AIR and AIR PRO combine new rigid inflatable board designs with proven efoiling technology — batteries, foils, motors, controllers, etc.

The new boards have a rigid foam-core center that is surrounded by a dropstitch inflatable outer section — a patent pending design. This combo keeps the weight and packed size down while offering what should be impressive durability.

“Flite AIR is great for using on and off boats, docks, rocky beaches, or for school and rental applications. Compatible with most Flite products, the boards can even be used by pros as a durable and lightweight alternative to our carbon fiber boards. These new boards bring to life the fun personality of the product to appeal to a wider audience while staying true to the Flite brand and our pillars — innovation, design, performance, and community.”

— David Trewern, Fliteboard Founder, CEO and Product Architect.

Introducing Flite Air eFoils

Flite AIR efoil

Fliteboard started in 2017 in Byron Bay, Australia, and quickly rose to become a top player in the world efoiling market. The company is now a subsidiary of the Brunswick Corporation, a massive marine industry conglomerate with over 60 brands under its umbrella.

The Flite AIR boards are the latest products in an ever-expanding line of efoiling products by Fliteboard. The company says the AIR products should offer “similar ‘on foil’ performance as premium Fliteboard models at a much lower price point.”

This new board design has been in development since 2018. The big benefits to the construction are the lower manufacturing costs and durability over the standard composite boards.

Flite AIR eFoil Specs

Flite AIR efoil

Flite Air: 59.3 lbs. (with small battery); 110L, 5’8″ long x 27.5″ wide; 220 lbs. max rider weight

Flite Air Pro: 57.1 lbs. (with small battery), 80L, 5’2″ long x 25.5″ wide, 220 lbs. max rider weight

Flite AIR efoil

The AIR boards come with a 75cm tall aluminum mast with a 4kW motor built in.

And, just like other Fliteboards, there are two batteries on offer. The Nano offers about 45 minutes of ride time. The larger Sport battery offers up to 90 minutes of ride time. I’ve tested the Sport battery in a Fliteboard, and while it’s not light, it does offer impressively long run times. My legs always gave out before the battery would.

The Flite AIR boards come in three bright color options: Pompelmo (orangish red), Acai (bright blue), and Yuzu (light green). This is a departure from the black-and-white options on offer in the rest of the Fliteboard product lineup.

Upgrade as You Learn

Flite AIR efoil

While the Flite AIR and AIR PRO are more focused on beginner and intermediate riders, they can easily be upgraded in a bunch of ways as you progress. The quick, easy upgrades come in the form of higher perfoming wings and props — like folding props for wave surfing.

The base efoiling system — battery, mast, motor, wings, and prop — are the same across all Fliteboards. That means you can upgrade to a carbon board and use all the efoiling equipment you already have with your AIR setup when you’re ready for a more advanced setup.

Flite AIR efoil

Flite AIR eFoil Pricing & Availability

You can order the Flite AIR and AIR Pro now, with shipments beginning in May.

While still not inexpensive, both new efoils are value priced at $6,995, plus shipping and taxes. That is a big value over top-quality hardboards with the same efoiling tech built in that start at $9,695 and quickly climb from there.

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