Kelly Slater May Be Prouder of ‘Surf Ranch’ Than Anything Else

Kelly Slater’s list of surfing accomplishments hardly needs repetition. But the latest episode of ‘Lost Tapes’ explores one of his most deeply felt achievements: man-made waves.

Kelly Slater spent over a decade quietly developing Surf Ranch. The idea of prime man-made waves seemed unlikely to nearly every outside observer.

Yet in the ninth episode of Slater’s “Lost Tapes” series on YouTube, the surfing legend travels to Surf Ranch to explain why this project has always meant so much to him.

“Walking up the first morning and watching the first wave I ever saw there — I just wanted to cry,” Slater says in the video. “I can’t believe we made Sandspit and Greenmount and Kirra all put together. What a feeling that was.”

Who knew “The Perfect Wave” could turn out to be a human’s handiwork?

Runtime: 22 minutes

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