In The Spotlight: Paul Components Brand Profile

Paul Components Logo

Paul Component Engineering, based in Chico, Calif., is the oldest domestic bike part company in the nation.

Paul Components makes select high-quality bike parts. No model years, no marketing gimmicks, these parts are built to last, by hand. “Our approach to business is different than most,” the brand states. “We put quality and craftsmanship first and the result are parts that work flawlessly and last a lifetime.”

American Manufacturing

Paul Component Engineering is a case study in what it looks like to survive in the American manufacturing world—a world in which virtually all production has been moved overseas.

A massive block of raw aluminum begins its transformation into Paul Boxcar stems

Paul Components has survived almost 30 years by making exceptional bike parts domestically, one of only three component manufacturers to do so. It has survived the pressures of globalization by making beautiful, quality parts that last a lifetime.

Best Selling Products

Set N’ Forget Through Axle

One of our favorite Paul products is the “Set N’ Forget” through axle. By our tests, it’s the best through axle there is.

The Set N’ Forget has a uniquely constructed aluminum internal cam design that outlasts many other through-axles. The common problem with lower-quality axles is that the aluminum deforms and eventually they become unusable. Paul’s design prevents that.

But the real reason we love the Paul design is that the Set N’ Forget is indexable. So once you set the position the first time, the lever will always close in the position you want—parallel with your fork, for example. Setting it is done by pushing down on the head (when the unit is not in tension) and rotating the lever into one of its 12 radial positions. It’s a sweet upgrade.

Klamper Disc Brake

One of Paul’s popular parts is the new “Klamper”, a mechanical disc brake.

We tested the Klamper for hours in the mountains above Chico, Calif., and elsewhere and were impressed with its strength. Less powerful than high-performance hydraulic brakes, but still very strong with good modulation. They look good too, especially in the newly released blue anodized finish.

The Minimoto

The Minimoto is a long-standing favorite of riders worldwide, and it’s Paul’s best-selling component. The MiniMoto is a mini-v brake for use with standard short pull brake levers. It is elegant in its simplicity, and weighs 149 grams. The Minimoto brakes are a perfect example of a Paul product: beautiful appearance driven only by purpose, not aesthetics, .

Fast Facts:
Paul Component Engineering

Founded In:

1989. Paul Price started Paul Component Engineering in his Bay Area garage.


Chico, Calif.


To make the best parts possible with simple innovations that truly bring a higher level of function and easy serviceability.

Who Is Paul?

Paul is an old-school craftsman that still prototypes by hand. He has been improving the bicycle for 25 years. He tells us that many of his best products arise while he day-dreams in the saddle, riding in the mountains above his California home.

Fun Fact:

Paul started his company following a devastating break-up. He began riding his bike to help him recover from the pain, and he soon began creating ways to improve his bikes.