Northern Journey: Driving a Camper to the Arctic

After 4 years of RVing across the U.S., this couple is venturing on their biggest journey yet — a trip north to the Arctic Ocean.

The Mortons have amassed quite the following with their YouTube channel, “Mortons on the Move.” Now, you may think camping and RVing across the U.S. is probably more fun in person, but the Mortons make watching pretty engaging.

Salmon fishing, driving on an arctic highway, jetskiing in Alaska, soaking in hot springs — the list of fun runs long. And the filming and editing are pretty impressive too. If you want to learn what it’s like to build out a camper and live in it for months on end, this is for you. It’s the simple, noble goal of pursuing the coolest travel and adventure.

The Mortons’ journey started last summer with the first episode, and they just published the 18th episode as they were leaving Alaska. They update the channel semi-monthly.

Tom and Caitlin Morton usually live full-time in a fifth-wheel RV. But for this trip, they enlisted a Lance Truck Camper to navigate the northernmost parts of North America.

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