Build This Tiny Home With DIY PDFs

For $99, you can download a PDF with all the construction details needed to build a 125-square-foot tiny house.

DIY tiny home plans

While tiny homes can be pricey, Portland Alternative Dwellings, or PAD, saves builders money through sweat equity. It offers low-cost tiny home design plans in PDF format, all designed by experts.

The plans range in price from $35 to $199 and provide instructions for homes from 56 to 179 square feet (with a 72-square-foot sleeping loft). They are illustrated with photographs and diagrams to help the construction process.

The most recent design plan (as seen above) is the “Bunk Box Tiny House.” It was released in October 2016.

DIY tiny home

Bunk Box Dwelling, 125-Square-Foot Tiny Home

One of eight available plans, the Bunk Box Dwelling is built on a 16-foot trailer with a 125-square-foot main floor and a sleeping loft. The internal walls are exposed for an extra seven inches of space on all sides, and the insulation is wrapped around the exterior of the house.

What The Plans Include

  • Interior and exterior elevation drawings for all sides
  • Trailer connection details
  • Wall framing elevations
  • Roof framing plans
  • Cross sections of wall, roof, and floor
  • Details for corners, windows, and the door
  • Suggested materials list for siding and framing
  • Product details on the sink, shower, tankless water heater, bath fan, and composting toilet
  • A basic electrical plan
  • Energy efficiency floor plan
  • Price of PDF: $99
  • Estimated cost of build: $25,000-30,000

tiny home layout

This leads to a raw and exposed style, but the lack of wood paneling or drywall is worth a few extra inches of interior space. Cell foam insulation and burnt wood cedar siding finishes the exterior.

DIY tiny home loft
Talk about cozy! Here’s the sleeping area

Using the recommend materials, this finished home costs $25,000-$30,000.

Portland Alternative Dwellings

If the Bunk Box Dwelling isn’t your style, the brand has several other options. Founder Dee Williams lives in the brand’s 56-square-foot model full time.

PAD crafts design plans frequently and has workshops and expert advice for the tiny home community. Check out other options for a DIY plan that suits your style.

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