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LOKI Basecamp: The Most Kick-Ass Slide-In Truck Camper You’ve Never Heard Of

Loki Basecamp truck-mounted Falcon Series trailer
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LOKI Basecamp Falcon Series truck campers are bringing a new level of comfort and sophistication to campers. The new design aims to turn any stock pickup into an outdoor haven with all the comforts of home.

Over the past year and a half, who among us hasn’t gazed longingly out the window from a home office and tinkered with the idea of heading off into the great outdoors to take advantage of remote work opportunities?

But outside of converting a van into a tiny mobile home or office, which can be an expensive and complicated process, most of us are forced to remain within the range of internet connectivity and general responsibilities.

The LOKI Basecamp Falcon Series slide-in truck campers aim to bring high-end, van-life style to nearly any pickup truck, giving you more flexibility for the work-from-anywhere lifestyle you’ve been dreaming about.

Van Life Moves to the Truck Bed

Before launching Basecamp, LOKI Box Design had been converting shipping containers into remote office spaces, restaurants, and trade show displays for more than a decade. As COVID-19 erupted over the last year and a half, the company shifted gears to meet a new surge in demand for campers for people who suddenly no longer needed to be tied to an office.

LOKI Basecamp interior

LOKI founder Pierre-Mathieu Roy already had a NOR’VA sprinter van. He thought he could bring that same level of style and functionality to campers for trucks.

“We already have a design firm. [We like] camping, outdoor activities, and four-season travel,” Roy said. “Why not team up with NOR’VA and put a truck camper project together?”

What they came up with is a slide-in camper available in three sizes that can be custom-outfitted for particular sports, jobs, and lifestyles.

Falcon Series: Get the Perfect Fit

Falcon Series trailers are available to fit pickup trucks with 5-, 6.5-, and 8-foot beds. They weigh about 3,000 pounds, depending on your level of customization. Features include an interior mudroom with a removable shower, refrigerator, heat, and air conditioning.

The campers come outfitted with a 30-gallon freshwater tank and a 20-gallon graywater tank. Onboard electrical power comes from a 600 amp/hour lithium battery bank powered by the 360-watt, roof-mounted Zamp Obsidian solar panels.

LOKI Basecamp on dirt road

Other base features include:

  • Rooftop rack/deck
  • Induction cooktop stove
  • Dometic portable toilet
  • Multimedia monitors in kitchenette and bedroom
  • USB and AC/DC outlets
  • Dimmable LED lighting

The Falcon Series campers are designed for all-season use, and more importantly, can be transferred from one same-sized truck bed to another. This means as you upgrade vehicles, you can take the slide-in camper with you wherever you go, with whatever truck you drive.

LOKI Basecamp Falcon Series camper on pickup truck

Unique to the Falcon Series, this slide-in camper features a modular design, both inside and out. This allows for even more customization based on the activity or season. Additionally, the rear panel of the camper completely opens. This acts as an awning and also makes it a breeze to access and load gear.

The baseline Falcon Series camper has a base MSRP of $135,000, with a required $10,000 deposit. Reserve yours now.

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