OPUS air camper trailer poleless inflate

Camper Inflates in 90 Seconds, No Poles Needed

With compressed air and ‘air tubes’ instead of poles, the Air OPUS Camper aims to set up in a breeze.

OPUS air camper trailer poleless inflate

A storm, total darkness, unlevel ground, swarms of mosquitos: Setting up camp in unfavorable conditions is a time-honored tradition of any outdoors person. In a display of convenience, the Air OPUS camper tent takes the burden out of tent setup by using an electric air pump.

For spring 2017, the U.K. tow-behind-camper manufacturer introduces the Air OPUS. This inflatable add-on replaces the tent poles and works on any of OPUS’s camper models.

The classic OPUS camper retails for $19,000, sleeps four, and acts much like other pop-up, pull-behind campers. The Air OPUS costs an extra $2,500.

OPUS air camper trailer poleless inflate

Air OPUS: Inflatable Camping System

As a trailer, the OPUS lies flat and compressed, letting you drive and camp where traditional RVs won’t allow. When towing, its dimensions are 9.3 x 6.2 x 3.8 feet, and it has room for a rack on top to fit skis, bikes, or kayaks.

OPUS air camper trailer poleless inflate

Unfolded, it lengthens to nearly 14 feet. Two double foam mattresses, a two-burner gas stove, sink, fridge, and more occupy its interior.

The air poles are individually isolated and constructed from canvas. That means while a pop is unlikely, a puncture won’t deflate the whole tent.

OPUS air camper trailer poleless inflate

The canvas inflates with an internally fitted pump and 12V battery. The Air OPUS comes with a 2-year guarantee.

To set up, unfold the trailer’s latch, push a button, and extend the supports for sleeping.

Watch the four-stage process in the video below.

Air OPUS: Who and Why?

There’s nothing wrong with traditional tent-pole setups, but given the option for a near-effortless operation like the Air OPUS, why not?

While we have yet to test it, the poleless design seems like a step forward in camping convenience.

OPUS air camper trailer poleless inflate

At this point, it’s hard to know whether the inflatable beams could present problems with punctures or other mishaps, but the interior looks nice.

The brand touts quick teardown (no tears), as quick-release valves deflate the tent in seconds.

OPUS air camper trailer poleless inflate

At $2,500, it may seem like a lot to spend, but considering the camper that it’s attached to is $19,000, the price seems par for the product.

If the latest in camper innovations is what you’re after, the Air OPUS is paving the way.

The OPUS Classic Includes

  • Two double foam mattresses
  • Kitchenette worktop
  • Stainless steel sink
  • Double gas burner stove
  • Leather interior
  • Additional bed
  • Refrigerator
  • LED floor lighting
  • Two inner privacy tents
  • Sun canopy
  • Independent torsion suspension
  • 12V battery hookup
  • 12V water system
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