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Enjoy the Apocalypse in Style: Storyteller Overland ‘HILT’ Adventure Truck

With rugged off-road capabilities and a 'spa-like' interior, the HILT seeks to pair extreme adventure with luxurious amenities.

the hilt storyteller overlandGo farther off-grid and stay comfy with The HILT from Storyteller Overland; (photo/Storyteller Overland)
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If Mad Max had a soft spot for creature comforts, the HILT might be his vehicle of choice for surviving the wasteland. That’s clearly reflected in the adventure truck’s marketing, which includes desert caravans, Burning Man-style fire twirlers, gambling with dogs, and even a recreation of American Gothic.

This Class C vehicle from Storyteller Overland is built on a RAM 5500 chassis and beefed up with off-roading upgrades and loads of amenities, making it similar to George Miller’s titular hero — a tough-as-nails exterior that masks a sensitive center.

The HILT made its debut at the Elkhart RV Open House last week. It’s been in development since 2021 when Storyteller Overland bought Global Expedition Vehicles. The company bills the new vehicle as the flagship of its new GXV line of expedition rigs.

“This turnkey expedition rig will be the first of its kind to be produced at higher volumes, making the HILT a game-changing vehicle that brings the adventure and expedition lifestyle in reach for a much broader audience of customers,” the company said in a press release.

But with a price tag similar to the average American home, you’ll need some bucks to join the club.

The Hilt: Features

For explorers looking to maximize their off-road potential, the Hilt has plenty to offer.

Many of the design highlights come from third-party companies specializing in specific aspects of van conversion. There’s an active hydraulic Smart Suspension System from Liquid Spring and an extreme 360-degree exterior lighting package from KC HiLiTES. For storage, there’s a custom system from Flarespace.

The HILT also comes with a Zero Torsion Subframe system that allows independent movement of the capsule from the chassis. As for the electric winch, it’s got capacity for 20,000 pounds.

These practical additions contrast with the vehicle’s interior, which aims for a very different aesthetic and purpose. According to Storyteller Overland, the inside will offer owners a “tranquil, spa-like retreat.” That starts with dimmable “mood lighting” and a full-size wet bath and continues with a queen bed and a rear dinette that converts to another queen-size bed. The kitchen includes a convection microwave oven, air fryer, large fridge, freezer, and double-burner induction stove.

It’s also got plenty of insulation and climate controls to handle extreme temperatures. There’s also the potential to stay off grid for quite some time. The HILT has a 120-gallon freshwater tank and a 52-gallon fuel tank. It’s also got a 16.8 kWh power system for RV hookups, as well as 1,325 W of sustainable-power solar panels on the roof.

If you love gambling with dogs (who doesn’t?) The HILT wants your business; (photo/Storyteller Overland)

Storyteller Overland HILT: Availability & Pricing

Interested in the HILT? Here’s what Storyteller Overland’s CEO had to say about the price tag:

“Vehicles like this have historically been outrageously expensive, built to order, and complicated to buy,” said Jeffrey Hunter, CEO of Storyteller Overland. “We wanted to solve for this by making it easier to own and lowering the barrier to entry without sacrificing a single bit of quality.”

There are gothic vibes aplenty in Storyteller Overland’s marketing approach; (photo/Storyteller Overland)

Apparently, an “introductory” price of just under $400,000 doesn’t fall in the “outrageously expensive” category. The company did add that financing options are available for the Hilt, which should arrive at select RV dealers late this year.

Those interested in more information can learn more on the Storyteller Overland website.

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