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YouTuber Camps 30 Feet in the Air in NYPD Surveillance Van

What's better than an Instagram-worthy photo from your camper van? Doing the same thing from a 30-high 'sky capsule,' of course.

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I guess it’s now accepted wisdom that a YouTuber can say he “found himself in possession” of an NYPD surveillance van without too many questions from his devoted audience.

That’s the case with the latest edit from Mav, who borrowed the vehicle from a wholesaler and spent a night of camping enjoying the view from its “sky capsule.” Also called a scissor lift, it was built for police monitoring of New York neighborhoods and rises 30 feet into the air. But in Mav’s hands, it becomes a next-level platform for “camping in the stars.”

“It’s so quiet up here … what the heck,” Mav says as he lies down to sleep while hovering 30 feet above the ground.

If you’re interested in purchasing this bad boy for your own elevated outdoor adventures, Mav lists the wholesaler’s contact info in the video description. But given the million views he’s racked up in just a few days, it likely won’t take long before someone snatches it up.

Runtime: 30 minutes

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