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Camper ‘Telescopes’ Sideways For Three Times The Space

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[leadin]Move over pop-up trailers. A new expandable trailer is sliding into your space.[/leadin]Bauer3x

Lots of trailers expand upward and outward, but this mini camper goes another direction.

At first glance, the BeauER 3X looks like just any other pull-behind camper trailer. But with the twist of a key, both sidewalls slide out, tripling the trailer’s interior space in 20 seconds.


The concept is the brainchild of French-designer Eric Beau. He wanted to bring the benefits of a larger trailer in a smaller package easier to tow and move around on backcountry roads.

Spacious Expanding Trailer

When expanded, the 3X camper gives a spacious 129-square-feet of swank interior space, including a shower, toilet, refrigerator, sink, gas range, and two double beds. A gas and water heater are upgrades.

The system works using electrical actuators powered by a car battery. The interior furniture folds neatly together, requiring no tear down or set up.

Horseshoe seating converts to a double bed



Low Weight

All this space comes in at a fraction of a traditional trailer’s weight. The polyester shell keeps the weight at 2,200 pounds, making the 3X towable by most small trucks and SUVs.


High Cost

The French-built BauEr 3X is currently available in France but there are rumors of expanding into North America. If it makes its way across the Atlantic, the camper unlikely will be cheap — it currently costs around 25,000 Euros (just under $28,000).


Wild Color Schemes 

This camper certainly does stand out. With the use of vehicle wrapping, the company offers a bunch of colors and design patters for the exterior. The interior also has options for any taste in color.


Spacious layout includes a double bed, kitchenette, range, shower, toilet, and living area beauer_inter_zoom_wc_2bis

It comes with a hefty price for such a small trailer, but the concept is certainly unique. We hope to see these expando-campers in the U.S. soon.

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