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‘LighterBro’ Turns Common Bic Into Knife-Equipped Multi-Tool

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A smooth stainless-steel case, a fold-out knife and scissors, and a Bic lighter wedged inside — that’s the basic outline of the LighterBro, a unique product new this past fall.

LighterBro LLC is a small company in Santa Barbara, Calif. Its namesake product costs just $9.99 and offered surprising functionality in my test.

Common Bic lighter fits inside

It has a small “Japanese Katana”-inspired blade with a squared-off tip. I shaved off some arm hairs to test its sharpness out of the box.

The scissors folds out and has a spring function for snipping. Paper was easy to cut in a straight line.

On the bottom, the LighterBro has a gap made to work as a bottle opener. The knife tip doubles as a small flathead screwdriver. All components are made of steel.

Then, serving as the handle for the tool, a standard Bic lighter slides inside. It fits tightly and cannot fall out.

Polished steel makes it comfortable in the hand

With the inexpensive product — $9.99 + $1 for the lighter — you have a tiny pocket tool that can be used as an everyday-carry item or for outdoor survival situations.

For its price and its small size, not to mention the fine functionality of its simple components, the LighterBro got my thumbs-up very quick.

—Stephen Regenold


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