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Buck To Make Knife Designed By Fallen Navy SEAL

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Matthew Leathers was a Special Warfare Operator First Class (SEAL) combat veteran with numerous awards. In 2013, he was lost at sea during open ocean training exercises.

During his nine years with the U.S Navy, Leathers designed a knife that held up to his high standards and caught the eye of his fellow SEALS. Now, Buck Knives has agreed to build and sell the knife that was originally designed by Leathers himself, called the 245 Matt Would Go.

Matt’s original knife was made using steel from a coil spring scrounged out of a scrapped Humvee and tempered using an old mailbox. The new one is constructed of 5160 steel and custom multi-color Micarta handles. It comes with a Kydex sheath and is made in the USA.

The name “Matt Would Go” comes from Leathers’ courage and devotion to duty. No matter how perilous the job, Leathers would be the first to step up, according to his fellow SEALs.

When he was lost at sea, the phrase “Matt Would Go” was coined by the leadership of Seal Delivery Vehicle Team One in recognition of his courage and selflessness. The knife model number 245 is a tribute to Leathers’ SEAL team class, as he graduated with Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL Training Class 245.

A percentage of net sales benefit Matt’s father Tim Leathers’ company, MattWouldGo LLC, which in turn donates to the Navy SEAL Foundation.

The knife will be unveiled at the SHOT trade show in Las Vegas with Buck and Tim Leathers. It will retail for $245.

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