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‘Smokeless’ Fire Pit Cooks Food, Charges Phone

BioLite FirePit smokeless fire pit
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No smoke, floating flames, and a grate to cook your meal: Meet the BioLite FirePit.

BioLite FirePit smokeless fire pit

BioLite today introduced the FirePit, and the campaign already raised $170,000 on Kickstarter. Why? Well, the small fire pit works as a grill, doesn’t smoke, and packs down small. And you can buy one for the very competitive price of $200.

As a brand, BioLite definitely thinks outside the box – or the pit in this case. It first launched with wood-burning stoves that charged phones while you cook five years ago.

Its latest offering is more suited to the backyard than the backpack. But there, the little fire will give more heat and less smoke with a unique “floating” fire.

BioLite FirePit: Air Injection System

The FirePit is essentially smokeless because of its battery-operated air injection system. An attached battery drives a small fan that blasts air into the flame in a way that results in secondary combustion. Basically, this means that the wood and the smoke burn. The result is hot, efficient fire and very little smoke.

BioLite claims the battery will run up to 24 hours on a single charge. Users can control the power of the fan, and thus the heat of the flame, with a smartphone app connected through Bluetooth.

This isn’t the only fire pit with less smoke on the market. Earlier this year, we tested the Solo Stove Bonfire and were impressed. It used double-wall construction to encourage airflow. It burned with very little smoke. But this is a new and different take on the category, at a cheaper price point, with some bonus features.

Cooking On The BioLite FirePit

The FirePit comes with a grate that attaches to the top of the pit. Users can either cook over firewood embers or charcoal. The system looks pretty simple, with the grate essentially turning the pit into a small, fan-driven grill.

BioLite FirePit smokeless fire pit

X-Ray Mesh

We haven’t tested the FirePit yet, but in photos it certainly is striking. That’s due in part to the “X-Ray Mesh” that forms the body of the pit. The metallic mesh allows you to see the fire right through the pit, resulting in what the brand calls a “floating fire.”

It looks cool, and we expect allows a fair bit of heat to radiate right through the device.

BioLite FirePit smokeless fire pit

Solar Cover, Phone Charging

Kickstarter supporters will receive a “solar cover” for the FirePit. The fabric cover comes with an attached solar panel that charges the pit’s battery. It also works as a carrying case.

The FirePit battery can also be used to charge phones or run other BioLite products such as lighting.

For $200, this packs a lot of utility into a product. A lot of basic backyard fire pits cost around this price or more. So for those looking to enjoy the fire without the smoke, this one’s certainly worth investigating.

We will put the BioLite’s FirePit to the test later this month, so keep an eye out for our review.

Check out the BioLite FirePit on Kickstarter and learn more about the many rewards available for supporters.

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