Solo Stove Leverages ‘Engineered Airflow’ Into Grill Launch

The brand Solo Stove has built a reputation for fire pits that burn efficiently thanks to double-wall designs that create secondary combustion. Now, the brand is diving into the charcoal grill market with the same technology.

The ​Solo Stove Grill​, announced today, is a stainless steel charcoal grill. It uses a proprietary design that “drastically reduces the heat-up period, making charcoal grilling more accessible than ever.”

“Until now, the charcoal grilling experience was tedious, messy, and slow,” said John Merris, CEO of Solo Stove. “We wanted to develop a charcoal grill that was faster, cleaner, and easier. Box-to-burger is simpler and quicker than ever.”

Solo Stove: Double-Wall Stainless Steel Grill


We’ve used Solo Stove fire pits and smaller cookstoves many times. The brand’s clever design burns very clean thanks to the double-wall design.

Basically, it pulls in air from outside the outer wall, and the fire draws the air through holes into the top of the flame, where it encourages secondary combustion. The result is a fire with very little smoke.


Now, it’s applying that design to a grill that sits up higher on a stand. Solo Stove intends the Grill for use with charcoal. However, it will also burn wood for cooking or warmth, and functions similar to other Solo Stoves as a fire pit, although it does sit up on a stand.

Solo Stove Grill

Solo Stove designed the Grill for simplicity from assembly to cleanup. Its big claim is that users begin grilling within a matter of minutes. The brand claims its design reduces the heat-up timeframe by 25-50% in comparison to traditional charcoal grills.


It also claims that the convective heating holds steady at the ideal grilling temperatures, allowing users to continue grilling longer.

Solo Stove will offer the Grill for presale as an Ultimate Bundle that includes two Solo Stove Grill Packs, a set of Solo Stove Grill Tools, and a weather cover. The Grill Packs are all-natural charcoal briquettes that use vegetable starch instead of artificial binders.

The Grill Ultimate Bundle presale price of $499 is available until Sunday, June 21. Early buyers can buy the bundle for $549 until August 3. Thereafter, the bundle will sell for $599.

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