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Pocket-Size 3-in-1 Camping Gear Aims to Inflate, Deflate, and Illuminate

Consider the FLEXTAIL TINY PUMP 2X a multitool for inflation and deflation, with a side gig as a lantern.

The FLEXTAIL TINY PUMP 2X being carried to a campsite(Photo/FLEXTAIL)
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The FLEXTAIL TINY PUMP 2X is designed to blow up a sleeping pad faster, save space in packs, and shed light around camp. It combines an air pump, a vacuum pump, and a camping lantern.

On their own, these functions may seem like a car camping luxury. But as a 3-in-1 device the brand claims is also IP44-level waterproof, this 3.4-ounce pump is an option for your backpacking list.

Below, we dig into the details of this pump’s features with backpacking in mind just to drive home how small and compact its design is. And if it’ll work for backpacking, it’ll work for car camping, travel, and around the house.

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FLEXTAIL TINY PUMP 2X with water splashing on it while someone holds it


  • Dimensions: 1.8″ x 1.7″ x 2.3″
  • Weight: 3.4 oz. (96 g)
  • 5 nozzle attachments
  • 0.58psi air pressure and 180L/min airflow
  • 10-hour runtime as a light
  • IP44-level waterproof protection
  • Drop-tested from 4 ft. (1.2 m) onto concrete
  • Built-in magnet
  • USB-C rechargeable

As the name TINY PUMP 2X suggests, its main functions are to blow and vacuum air. Each of those functions has a dedicated port, one on each side of the pump.

According to FLEXTAIL, by using its AIR VORTECH technology, the pump can inflate a sleeping pad or compress a vacuum bag in less than a minute. It also claims to inflate over 105 camp pillows on a single charge.

As a light, it’s designed to run for 10 hours and has a magnet and hanging loop for hands-free use.

Here’s how we could see this pump potentially proving its worth in outdoor scenarios. You can see it in action in this video online as well.


First, blowing up a sleeping pad every night can range from a slight inconvenience to a tedious chore depending on whether you’re using an inflation sack or nothing but your lungs.

Even if you’re just finishing off inflation with breaths, you’re also introducing vapor into the pad. Over time, that can breed mildew or mold. The TINY PUMP 2X is designed to save you time and lots of breath, and it could possibly prolong the lifespan of your pad, air pillow, or mattress.

the FLEXTAIL TINY PUMP 2X inflating a sleeping pad with camp set up in the background


Second, the vacuum pump is something unique and one that tidier hikers may enjoy the most. Getting the air out of a sleeping pad can involve quite a bit of time spent rocking back and forth atop a sleeping pad to squeeze out every last bit of air. The vacuum offers a quicker, less awkward solution. It could also suck air out of compression bags and crumple the contents into a more packable size and shape.

So beyond the daily stash of your sleep system, the TINY PUMP 2X is designed to re-compress a puffy jacket and other just-in-case apparel to make more room in your backpack.

The FLEXTAIL TINY PUMP 2X deflating a floaty


Backpackers usually use headlamps rather than lanterns. But lanterns provide lighting around camp and in your tent. If you’re sold on the pump and vacuum, then the FLEXTAIL TINY PUMP 2X‘s light is an added feature.

The light claims to emit 4500K white light (eight LED bulbs) with three brightness levels: high (400 lumens), medium (160 lumens), and low (40 lumens). Think of it as a night light while your headlamp recharges.

The FLEXTAIL TINY PUMP 2X lighting up some greenery in the woods

Other Uses

FLEXTAIL designed the TINY PUMP 2X as a “travel EDC.” Obviously, if you can use it backpacking, there are more uses when weight is less of a concern.

Car campers can enjoy having an air pump handy. In addition to inflation and deflation, the pump could possibly blow consistent air across a fire to get it lit faster and burning hotter. (If a fire isn’t an option where you are, FLEXTAIL makes add-on shades for the lantern to diffuse light or mimic the shape of a flame.)

When it’s time to store seasonal clothes at home, consider the space savings that vacuum bags offer. The TINY PUMP 2X can draw air out within 30 seconds and save you up to 70% in storage space, according to FLEXTAIL.

As a light source, the TINY PUMP 2X has a magnet opposite the lantern to mount it to any magnetic surface, like the underside of the hood of your car.

FLEXTAIL's TINY PUMP 2X using it's magnetic power to illuminate under the hood of a car for someone looking under the hood.

Other Outdoor Gear From FLEXTAIL

Beyond the TINY PUMP 2X, FLEXTAIL makes other camping and outdoor gear. These include tarps, towels, grills, buckets, storage boxes, and inflatable pillows and mattresses.

Another new device for the brand is the Max Repel, a portable and rechargeable mosquito repellent. The device activates pads soaked with repellent that slowly release over hours of use. The Max Repel has two modes, which release the repellent out of one port or two, claiming to protect up to 30 feet away.

Check out FLEXTAIL’s full lineup by clicking the button below.

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The FLEXTAIL TINY PUMP 2X blowing air into a fire to help stoke it.
Using the FLEXTAIL TINY PUMP 2X to stoke a campfire; (photo/FLEXTAIL)

This article is sponsored by FLEXTAIL. Learn more about the TINY PUMP 2X.

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