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World’s First Fully Solar-Equipped, Fold-Out Camp Trailer

Solar brand GoSun and Camp365 team up to combat crowded parks, soaring gas prices, and ‘unpredictable weather’ with a trailer like no other.

GoSun and Camp365’s new camp trailer aims to mitigate key hassles in modern camping with ease of use and flexibility. Don’t believe us? Check out the adjective list: The companies say they partnered to create the first “aerodynamic, lightweight, expandable, off-grid solar trailer,” which takes less than 10 minutes to set up.

The trailer weighs 1,800 pounds, so nearly any vehicle could tow it, even electric cars.

Though the Camp365 trailer sleeps up to six people, it doesn’t take up much space when folded down for transport. That helps it fit in most parking spaces in garages. It also comes with an emergency power system capable of powering electronics, as well as cooking, refrigeration, and fresh water.

Travel Trailer Problem Solver

The whole shebang adds up to one of several new approaches to compact camping trailers unveiled in recent years.

“Many outdoor enthusiasts want the freedom to take off and go,” GoSun said. “But the problem with conventional trailers is that they are too big and heavy, you need a large truck to pull the units, and you have no place to store/park the trailer when you are not using it.”

gosun camp365 trailer

The new trailer addresses those problems with a compact design that unfolds to 700 cubic feet of space and a height of 7.5 feet. Its solar grid also powers a hot shower, and the trailer includes a kitchen sink and toilet.

The brands intend the all-in-one design to help campers address the rising cost and popularity of campsites by avoiding them altogether. The GoSun Camp365 empowers campers, its makers say, to park for free and still have everything they need. The trailer even has a leveling system that allows it to function on uneven terrain.

“When you entertain guests, the GoSun Camp365 delivers an instant and comfortable pop-up guest room,” the brands said.

The trailer rings in at $32,500, including a $5,000 deposit.

gosun camp365 trailer

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