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'Flat' Camping Hammock Converts To Chair

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There have been a lot of interesting new hammock designs released over the last year, as well as unique suspended tents. This new design by Amok brings a whole new look at the suspended abode.

The Draumr by Amock Equipment is suspended by two points like a traditional hammock. But that’s where the similarities end.

It opens into an elongated sleeping platform that requires the use of a (not included) sleeping pad. Thanks to a suspension engineered from straps and nylon cloth, the Draumr allows the user to lay down flat, something that most hammocks don’t really accomplish.

Not ready for bed? By tightening the suspension straps, the hammock converts into a hanging chair, allowing the user to sit fully upright. Seeing is believing, and the video below explains it pretty well.

For rainy weather the Draumr comes with a simple fly that looks effective. A mesh bug screen and storage pockets are also built into the hammock.

And they should be. At $379 online, this single-person design is significantly more expensive than most high quality one- or two-man tents in its weight category. It tips the scales at 4.37 lbs when packed with rain tarp and stakes.

But if you want or need suspended sleep that allows you to stretch out flat, this could be a good option. We haven’t tested it yet but plan to get one for a full review soon.

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