No Trees? No Problem With Inflatable Hammock

A lightweight, six-foot sack that inflates by simply waving through the air is all there is to this odd, ingenious travel sofa.

inflatable hammock 3

Made of water-repellent “parachute material” – generally nylon – and high-stress stitching, the Kozē holds up to 400 pounds when inflated and will keep air for up to six hours of lounging.

The primary gimmick is its surprisingly simple inflating mechanism; the Kozē has an opening at one end and inflates by trapping air – like a bag – when it’s waved around. Once completed (appears to take about two seconds), the end is rolled over and snapped shut.

What’s left is an oval-shape sofa of sorts, stitched down the middle so you can sink into your groove. When you’re done, the Kozē deflates almost instantly and can be rolled up into a shoulder bag.

The whole system weighs less than two pounds.

inflatable hammock

If the Kozē is as fun(ny) as it looks – and as easy to use – it will be a hit at the beach and those last remaining campsites without any trees.

Kozē is available in various colors for $80 on Kickstarter and begins shipping in June.

Adam Ruggiero

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