$40 Serac Hammock Hanging

Review: $40 Camping Hammock, Straps Included

Camping hammocks can be expensive, but with price usually comes quality. This one is a contender, and at a price that won’t make you balk.

Serac Hammock and Straps_

When I set up a hammock at the beach or in the park, without fail, someone will ask me about it and how much it costs. “Most hammocks with straps cost around $100,” I tell them. This is shocking news to many people.

The $100 price point seems high for many passersbys and is a barrier to those who just want to try a hammock.

What Do You Get For $38?

Hammock: Like many other brands, Serac Hammocks are made of parachute nylon material and come with an attached stuff sack that makes it easy to stash and transport. A set of carbon steel carabiners attaches the hammock to the straps. Setup is simple and takes about a minute.

Suspension: It also comes with a pair of six-foot long, one-inch wide polyester straps that wrap around the trees. Many companies sell straps separately from hammocks and they typically cost $30. Serac sells them as a bundle through Amazon, and remarkably you get everything for $38.

Regret Free Purchase: The company offers a 30-day money back guarantee as well as a 5-year warranty covering manufacturer’s defects.

Serac Hammock Specs

  • Hammock Dimensions: 9′ (long) x 4’5″ (wide)
  • Hammock & Carabiner Weight: 16.04oz. on our scale
  • Recommended Weigh Limit: 350 pounds
  • Hammock Material: Nylon
  • Strap Length: 6′ (long) x 1″ (wide)
  • Strap Weight: 5.4oz. each on our scale
  • Strap Material: Polyester
  • Anchor Points: 10 per strap

What You Give Up At $38

Hammock: After several nights (and afternoons) in the hammock I can’t tell a difference from other nylon hammocks. It’s the standard length and width of a single person hammock, though a bit lighter in weight, and they are all equally comfortable.

Straps: The six-foot straps are fine if you know the trees you’ll be hanging from aren’t too thick and are spaced properly. If they’re not… then you’re out of luck. The straps don’t work on big trees like the ones in my yard.

Tree too big for Serac Hammock
Some trees are just too big for the Serac Hammock straps

A six-foot circumference can be hard to visualize, but as a rule of thumb, if you can fully wrap your arms around the tree the straps will go around it. Though, there might not be enough slack to reach the other tree. It’s always a gamble!

Alternate Option: For $30 you could buy a competitors straps, then you’d have two different sets and still have saved money in the long run.

Serac Hammock CarabinerCarabiners: These aren’t terrible but they’re not perfect either. At 2.2 ounces each, they are quite heavy and the ‘tooth’ on the carabiner gets caught on the straps sometimes.

Alternate Option: Though not as pressing as the strap upgrade, you could swap out both biners as well. I prefer using a one-ounce Oz carabiner from Black Diamond because it’s light, has a hood to prevent snags, and is only $9.

Overall Impressions

This is a great hammock for the yard, park, or casual camping assuming you have proper trees. Thankfully, if the trees don’t cooperate at the park it likely won’t ruin your day.

However, if the trees don’t cooperate on a backpacking trip it could ruin your night and possibly your trip. In a pinch, you could use some paracord to supplement the extra length. Though, the $38 setup wouldn’t be my first choice for a backcountry trip because of the limitations of the straps.

To make it truly backpacking friendly, I’d recommend cobbling together a hammock, straps, and biners from separate companies. It’ll still wash out under the $100 average, though it’s a little more work.

$40 Serac Hammock Sleeping

In the end, I love hammocks and I’m happy to see Serac offering a solid option for those on a budget or someone who just wants to try a hammock without breaking the bank.

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