5 Hammocks So Bizarre They’re Awesome

Flying Tent

Perhaps the most dynamic do-anything hammock we’ve seen is the Flying Tent, a bivy shelter that rests on the ground or can be suspended in trees, converts to a rain poncho when you need it, and, oh yeah, also works as a hammock.

Total Coverage: Wearable Hammock Is A Tent Too
Total Coverage: Wearable Hammock Is A Tent Too
Looking for a hammock that's also a tent that's also a rain poncho? Read on. Read more…

In a nutshell, the bivy’s footprint doubles as a camping hammock, while the tent itself zips onto the hammock to provide either full coverage from the elements, or if it’s dry, a simple bug net.

flying tent 1

The hammock also has a hideaway hood and cinch straps so that it can be donned like a wearable tarp, and made to fit like a basic (super handy) rain poncho.

The whole shebang pops up with two integrated poles and a patent-pending “easy-up” system, so there’s nothing to separate or install. Flying Tent promises it can have you ready to relax “within seven seconds.”

Flying Tent crushed its Kickstarter goal by over 700 percent and will be available for online sales from its website in July for $319.

Adam Ruggiero

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