Review: US-Made Hammock Created From Plastic Bottles

The hammock space is saturated with new players. The Yukon SomniSmart stands apart by using recycled materials.


Yukon SomniSmart Hammock Review

Lindsey and I have been on the constant prowl for a recreational hammock for our mobile office set up. We are constantly on the go, so we need a hammock that is super easy to set up and tear down. After two months of road testing, we feel the Yukon SomniSmart is just what we needed. Here’s the details of why the SomniSmart is a good fit for our lifestyle.

Unique Hammock Suspension System


The game changer for us is the cinch buckle setup. We like it better than carabiner or paracord options because it allows us to get the perfect hang angle. Plus, teardown with the cinch buckle system takes five seconds on each side to pull the hammock down. Simply relieve the tension on the buckle and the tree straps slide right through for disassembly. No more untying knots!

Hammock Made In USA

The SomniSmart is made in Yukon Outfitters’ Alamo, Tennessee facility. We want to support USA made products as much as we can.

Hammock From Plastic Water Bottles


Each hammock is made from nearly thirty recycled water bottles. Yukon Outfitters sources Repreve fabric to engineer these hammocks. Repreve is a leader in the industry of repurposing recycled plastic bottles. Now you have yet another reason to pitch those recyclables in the correct container!

Price: $79.99

This is comparable to other one-person hammocks, very fair given the suspension system included, it’s manufactured domestically, and there are no add-on gimmicks.

Tree Friendly


We appreciate how the suspension system is made of webbing and not paracord. Webbing alleviates the rope burn that trees around the country are suffering from due to increased hammock usage.


The bright colors are more prone to stains. I think Yukon should make the SomniSmart more capable of handling muddy banks down by the river. We forgot the hammock out one night in the rain and now we have stains from pine needles.

Overall Impression

If you’re in the market for a recreational hammock for picnics and lounging around the campground, the SomniSmart from Yukon Outfitters is a good choice. The suspension system is fabulous with its cinch buckle assembly.

Somni Single Specs

  • Total weight: 28oz.
  • Hammock weight: 20oz.
  • Dimensions: 114″ x 60″
  • Tree straps weight: 8oz.
  • Tree Strap length: 10′ long x 1″ wide (polyester webbing)