Wood Panel Camper Makes Sustainable Statement

With a distinctive wood panel finish, sustainable materials, and non-toxic construction techniques, these travel trailers by Homegrown Trailers will stand out at the campground and the highway.

homegrown wood panel camper

Homegrown Trailers is just getting off the ground. Founded by sustainability consultant Corey Weathers, the trailer fills the need for a camper made of natural materials. At 2,000 pounds, it is also light enough to be pulled behind small SUVs or large cars.

homegrown wood rv camper

The design certainly stands out with some high-end materials and specs. For this you’ll pay a handsome price — they retail for $29,000. The brand will also offer a trailer rental option beginning Memorial Day for $200 a night.

Sustainable Design

The biggest differentiator between this trailer and others on the market is sustainability. It starts with Forest Stewardship Council wood that is certified as responsibly harvested. Recycled materials are used throughout, including a countertop and shell made from recycled bamboo and wood pulp.

homegrown trailer camper rv

The trailer is solar powered and shipped in two levels of electrification. 400 watts of solar panels and a deep cycle battery capable of running the camper for two days comes standard. For $7,500, you can upgrade to the extended off-grid package containing 200-400 watts of additional solar panels (600-800 watts total) and a larger lithium ion battery that can store up to 7,000 watt hours of energy for about five days of off-grid use without a charge.

wooden rv interior

It has a composting toilet, which does not use the chemicals often found in portable RV johns. At this price, you’re getting into “tiny home” territory, and in many ways, that’s what this appears to be — though on wheels.

Homegrown Trailers Amenities

The trailer brings many amenities you’d expect from a high-end camper.

It has a large kitchen with induction cooktop, Energy Star certified appliances, refrigerator, and sink with 12-gallon freshwater tank.

homegrown camper bunks kitchen

The trailer sleeps four — two in a queen-sized bed, and two in bunks that accommodate adults.

Fund Raising, Camper Rental

Homegrown Trailers is a very new startup. It has already settled into a production facility, but is using Indiegogo to launch initial production and to help market the business.

The unique rental plan is a fun option for those who may be traveling to the Seattle area in the coming summer. Various rental plans are available, like $1,000 for a six-night rental. It could be a good option for those traveling from out of state who don’t want to drag a camper across the country.

wooden camper rv trailer

Overall, these are unique looking trailers that will appeal to those who want to explore off-grid. They have some great features that come at a significant price. But for those who want to ensure sustainability and still hit the open road with a fun RV, this could be one to consider.

Learn more at Indiegogo or HomegrownTrailers.com.

Homegrown Trailer Additional Specs

  • Dimensions: 18’ x 7’4” x 6’9” (fits into a standard garage)
  • Approximately 2,000 pounds dry weight (3,000 pounds total potential capacity)
  • Hard-sided pop-top for extra headroom
  • Great light and ventilation
  • Sitting room and a table for 4 people
  • Outdoor shower with privacy screen and wooden standing platform
  • Aluminum chassis and frame
  • Teardrop shape with wood paneling
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