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The Rooftop Tent Revolution Gets a Splash of Color

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Who doesn’t want their adventuremobile to look unique? James Baroud, a leading rooftop tent manufacturer, now offers over 250 different colors for its hardshell tents.

Rooftop tent (RTT) manufacturers are fighting hard to carve out slices of the ever-expanding market. Brands have tried all kinds of new design features and aesthetic trickery to find that competitive edge. James Baroud has been a leader in the hardshell RTT space and now brings us full-custom-color tents.


Custom-Color RTT

You can now order any of James Baroud’s five hardshell RTT models in just about any color you want. The brand offers any RAL color code — over 250 options to choose from. Every James Baroud dealer will have a fan deck of RAL colors for customers to use for physical color reference.


The color is applied to the tents in the form of a color-dyed, protective gel coating. The gel is a more rugged and durable finish than paint. James Baroud has used it on its tents since the start, all the way back in 1997.

Time & Money

While you might be able to find a traditional white, gray, or black James Baroud RTT in a dealer showroom, custom colors will need to be special-ordered. There is a 60-day lead time on orders for custom-color tents.

But that lead time is actually pretty reasonable when you think about where and how the tents are made. Each James Baroud RTT is hand-built in Portugal, the shell is made of three layers of hand-laid fiberglass, and the tent is hand-sewn, aluminized polyester fabric.

A custom-color James Baroud hardshell RTT will cost you $550 over a standard white tent, which ranges from $3,339 to $4,499.

Custom-Color RTT: Worth It?

James Baroud tents are known for their aerodynamic design, good looks, and easy deployment. Their 3-inch high-density mattresses are also quite comfortable.


With that said, these tents are pricey. But you’re paying for quality in this case. Adding $550 for a cool color to match your ride or personality is not a cheap vanity proposition. It is pretty awesome, though, and for sure will be a personal choice if the value is there.

You could probably paint or vinyl-wrap a hardshell RTT for fewer dollars, but not much fewer. Both of those options would also not hold up nearly as well to the elements as the colored gel coat option from the factory. James Baroud also offers a 2-year finish warranty on its gel coat, which offers some peace of mind.

So if you’re looking for a standout tent for your adventuremobile build, you’ve got a new option. Check out James Baroud online here.

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