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$50 Titanium Toothbrush Aims to Be the Last You’ll Ever Buy

kif toothbrush(Photo/SmellsLikeGreen)
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You can say goodbye to disposable dental travel kits with this fun-sized, castor oil-bristled KIF.

The KIF 4-in-1 dental kit is about the size of a Bic lighter. But unlike a Bic or many other portable toothbrush kits, it’s not disposable, and none of it contains plastic or the “forever chemicals” that usually come along with them.

That’s where the KIF, “the world’s first collapsible, portable, and zero-waste oral care system,” stands out.

The little tin contains a three-piece titanium toothbrush with castor oil bristles, a reservoir for toothpaste tabs, and a dispenser for floss at the base. The brush head comes with a silicone jacket that works as a cushion and tongue scraper. The kit also includes a silicone boot, for anyone who prefers a thicker, softer brush handle.

So, how do you use it beyond screwing the toothbrush together and popping a tab? Every 3 months, you’ll need a new brush head.

SmellsLikeGreen calls the castor oil cartridge “the most eco-friendly option available” — but it doesn’t last forever.

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New brush heads will be available through SmellsLikeGreen for $4. In promotional materials, it looks like replacement is simple.

If you’re like me, you didn’t know toothpaste tablets were a thing. But they are, and they’re readily available throughout the internet — or through SmellsLikeGreen, in several flavor choices.

You can also ditch plastic floss through SmellsLikeGreen. The company makes the KIF’s replacement floss reels from corn starch and candelilla wax.

The toothbrush weighs 20.7 g and is 7 inches long when assembled. SmellsLikeGreen does not claim a weight for the entire kit, nor does it specify what material it uses for the case.

kif toothbrush

MSRP is $59. Early bird packages starting at $40 were still available on the robustly funded Kickstarter as of this writing.

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