A ‘BAND-AID’ For Outdoor Gear

Duct tape is lauded as a fix-all, but it’s not always the best for gear repair. Enter ‘Gear Patches,’ a new line made for the outdoors.

tear in gear

Rips, tears, frays, holes… carnage can come in many forms when you get busy in the outdoors.

But ember holes in hiking pants or a leaking sleeping pad are fixable in the field with Gear Aid. The company’s adhesive patches and Tenacious Tape are made specifically to service outdoors gear.

They are water resistant, machine-washable, and dishwasher safe. Strong adhesive affixes the fiber material of the tape and patches to your jacket, pad, tent, or other item.

Easy to apply cut-out patch
Easy to apply cut-out patch

They serve as quick fixes in the field, keeping an object usable until you’re home and can seek repair. Or, the tape is strong enough to be left on as a permanent solution for small tears.

Tenacious Tape

Tenacious Tape comes on a 3″ x 20″ roll. It’s made of PVC and colored nylon. Once set on an object, the “clean adhesive” lets you remove or reposition the tape during the first 24 hours without leaving behind a residue. After that, it is more permanently affixed.

Gear Patches

The patches (called Peel & Stick Tenacious Tape Gear Patches) come on sheets; they are available in various fun shapes and size, including reflective options.


Beyond repair, the brand notes the patches can be used to personalize gear and hide stains.

Gear Repair Upgrade

Try the Gear Aid alternatives and you might never look at duct tape again. No more gray rectangles on your sleeping bag or jacket arm. Instead, your bag now has a lovely orange maple leaf (or other shape) where down feathers used to escape.

Make your water bottle stand out with a Gear Aid decal patch
Make your water bottle stand out with a Gear Aid decal patch

You can use the Gear Aid patches on water bottles, sleeping pads, down jackets, backpacks, underwear, luggage (to stand out when on the carousel), and gloves. They stick to almost any surface, hide stains, and trick out apparel, all without the pain of an iron or sewing needle.

Tarp hole fixed with gorilla-shape patch
Tarp hole fixed with gorilla-shape patch

With various sizes available, a variety of fixes can be made. Look to Gear Aid as a go-to for common outdoor repairs.

–This post was sponsored by Gear Aid. See the brand’s online Repair Guide and more than 65 Gear Aid TV videos that explain how to perform common gear repair tasks.