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Micro Camper Is a ‘Front Porch’ for Your Campsite

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[leadin]A base camp for road trip adventures, the 900-pound TigerMoth camper can be pulled by most vehicles, even small cars, and its open design integrates the user closely with the outdoors.[/leadin]


Most campers and RVs are literal rolling houses that form a fortress between the inhabitant and the surrounding outdoors. But this micro-camper invented by Taxa, the Texas-based makers of the lauded Cricket Trailer, is more of an outdoors kitchen and play area with a transformable interior that sleeps two adults.

It comes to market this month, and looks like a great option for people who want the convenience of a camper that still requires a little actual camping.

TigerMoth: Easy-Setup Shelter

The little camper is an easy-to-setup shelter that can be towed into remote, off-grid locations. There are no big-screen TVs or cushy furniture. The TigerMoth is a basic camper where you can sleep, cook, and hang out while being integrated with the environment.

The TigerMoth’s wing doors swing open so you can chill on the slide-out couch/bed. Window hatches pivot up for a view, further opening the space.

‘Micro’ Camper Has Kitchen, Bedroom, Storage

With this guy, you’ll be cooking in the great outdoors.


The kitchen drawer pulls out of the back of the camper, serving as a station for food prep and cooking.

Storage is under the bed, and inside you’ll find a pop-up table, counter-top space, and gear storage, including three large cubbies and a tongue-mounted toolbox.

The roof is designed with roof racks in mind, and can support your weight while loading gear or just enjoying a high vantage point.


Lighting is included, and a 12-volt electrical system can run small electronics. On the road, the TigerMoth is touted as aerodynamic and rugged, including 15-inch tires and a solid 12-inch ground clearance.


That setup makes the micro-camper towable on rough tracks and dirt roads almost anywhere.

It comes to market this month for $12,990. Not cheap, but the TigerMoth is aiming at a market of campers looking to get off-grid with a utilitarian, small-footprint pod that also exudes a rugged style.

tigermoth features

–See details on the TigerMoth from Taxa here.

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