Knife Built-In On 'Survivor' Belt

It looks like a regular belt. But this made-for-the-outdoors belt has a knife stashed inside its buckle for campsite or survival use.

There’s also a bottle opener, fire-starter, and a multi-tool on the belt. Finally, some models will come with a GPS tracker built-in.

Meet the Explorer Survivor Belt, a do-it-all fastener being funded now on Kickstarter.

It has already surpassed its funding goal and looks to be coming to market within months.

The company, called SlideBelt, isn’t new to the scene. The brand has been making unique “ratchet-style” belts for more than five years.

There are no holes to use for adjustment, instead the buckle engages with “teeth” on the bottom of the strap similar to how a zip-tie functions.

The Survivor Belt will use the same ratchet-style buckle. But it is made with an extra durable strap. You can tie down a bike in the back of a truck, or lasso piles of firewood with the belt, as demonstrated in a promo video.

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The brand likens the strap to webbing material coated in “Superman’s sweat.” It’s waterproof, flexible, abrasion resistant, and UV protected.

If you don’t need all the features of the full Explorer Survivor Belt the brand has plans to offer two other models, including one with a fire-starter and one with a multi-tool buckle.

Get creative with how you use the belt

It will come in five colors and a variety of sizes. They start at $79.

Check out the Kickstarter page for information and images on this “ultimate survival” belt.

Amy Oberbroeckling

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