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Review: RovR 45 Cooler With ‘All-Terrain’ Wheels

Photo credit: Alex Kirk
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Cooler brand RovR Products released its smallest offering to date, the RollR 45. We took the all-terrain RollR on pavement, gravel, grass, sand, and more for this review.

RovR manufactures the “most feature-packed cooler on the market,” the RollR, entirely in the United States. This baby comes standard with a dry bin and tote, and all sorts of add-ons are also available.

For accessories, the RovR RollR works with a cutting board, cupholders, a bike tow bar, umbrella/rod holders, stash bags, tiedowns, bottle openers, lights, and Bluetooth speakers. It’s a party on beefy, car-like wheels.

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In short: The airtight, made-in-the-USA RovR RollR 45-quart cooler is the brand’s most compact offering yet, developed with individuals and smaller groups in mind. With this version, the RollR remains largely the same. Its tough construction and capable all-terrain wheels are hallmarks of the brand.

Besides size, the main difference with the go-anywhere RollR 45 is the handle placement.

It’s available online, at REI, and at other select retailers for $369.

RovR RollR 45 Cooler Review

Photo credit: RovR

Burly Tires

By far the best thing about this cooler is its all-terrain tires. They are a dream, able to breeze up paved ramps and gravel inclines, through grassy clearings, and over sand dunes. Mounted on five-spoke aluminum hubs, these 9-inch wheels are inflatable and as sturdy as car tires. The telescoping handle, made of powder-coated aluminum, makes for easy maneuvering.

With rubber closures, the RollR 45 won’t just pop open. This is great for bumpy bike transport or for keeping beers out of the reach of children. And it’s bear-proof!

It’s a bit tough to open for smaller or less dexterous hands.

This refrigerator-grade cooler weighs 37 pounds when empty. When the cooler is fully loaded, two people must lift it in and out of vehicles and up or down stairs.

After use, the RollR 45 drains quickly, facilitated by the cooler’s step-down interior shape.

The RovR RollR 45 comes with two black, easily lost plastic screws — one fast-flow drain plug and one for keeping the Deep Freeze in place. Without this screw, the Deep Freeze floats when the ice melts, preventing the lid from closing.

Ice Retention

The RovR keeps ice very well. It uses rotomolded construction, much like you’d find in YETI, OtterBox, Pelican, and other big cooler brands.

RovR claims the RollR 45 holds ice for up to 10 days. In our two ice tests, the ice lasted for 5 and 7 days, respectively. But temperatures vary widely, so 10 days doesn’t seem like a stretch.

RovR RollR 45 Cooler Accessories

Removable Dry Bin

Photo credit: Alex Kirk

We found the removable dry bin, the Deep Freeze, did its job. It kept our veggies and other food from getting soggy, and prevented cross contamination. But it also insulated its contents from the ice a little too well.

To remedy this, the brand recommended storing “culinary/cocktail ice in the dry bin, then pack anything you need to keep really cold/dry in the other side.”

Cupholders & Cutting Board

Photo credit: Alex Kirk

We didn’t test all the add-ons, but we had access to a few. The dual cupholders attach to the RollR 45‘s anchor points. For me, these are a tripping hazard; it’s easier to just set my drink on the ground. I left them in my car to go have fun in the sun.

During use, the cutting board can be affixed to the same anchor points, and it doesn’t wobble while you chop.

Attachable Tote

Photo credit: Alex Kirk

The included attachable “wagon bin” tote can hold up to 2.08 cubic feet. According to RovR, that’s “large enough to hold a four-person tent and standard beach chair.”

You can attach the Velcro straps to the cooler and fold the tote flat on top when not in use. It can also be detached and carried separately.

The cutting board, cupholders, and other accessories can go in the tote during transport.

Bike Tow Bar

Photo credit: RovR
Photo credit: RovR

The BikR Kit fits all sizes of the RollR. To attach it, use the included Allen wrench to replace the cooler’s metal plate with the BikR. Then, attach the other end to your bike’s rear axle. Now you’re ready to tow a picnic to your favorite meadow or overlook.

You can grab one of these for $54. We have yet to test the BikR Kit in depth.

Who’s It For? RovR RollR 45 Cooler

A fully loaded cooler is seriously heavy, but the RovR remedies that issue.

The all-terrain wheels are truly “all-terrain,” as they functioned well over whatever we could throw at it. Between the tote bag, cutting board, and bike attachment kit, this cooler truly is one of the more feature-rich ones available. If you plan on biking to the beach or want to carry an extra dry bin of food atop your cooler, the RovR likely has an option for everyone. On top of that, the RovR functions fine as a standalone cooler.

The RovR RollR 45 costs $369. For a standalone cooler (no accessories) of that size, it’s expensive. But if you plan on using the accessories the RovR is compatible with, this cooler may be for you.

See the RovR RollR 45 Cooler

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