Modular Tent Is Campground Commune

Last summer we reviewed a big tent by Big Agnes, the Wyoming Trail 4, with so much space we dubbed it the Garage Mahal.

But a new model by Snow Peak, the Land Base 6, is a huge multi-room design with enough space for a soccer team.

The Land Base 6 has a nearly 600 square foot hexagonal footprint pitched over six, 7-foot-long poles. Two large doors yawn out to the great outdoors and two of its back walls roll up to let the light into a cavernous interior.

What makes this tarp exceptionally cool is that you can purchase up to 6 “inner rooms” that sling around its central community space. Each inner room is a two-person abode, giving couples a little personal space inside the yurt.

An aftermarket heavy-duty hexagonal “living sheet” can be purchased to keep your central drum circle dry and dirt free.

Going “light” with two couples? No problem. The rest of the inner void is like a black hole, sucking up an infinite amount of front-country real estate.

This car-camping design tips the scales at nearly 20 pounds without inner tents, so don’t plan to carry it far.

We love the modular concept of the tent. But at $1,300 (for tarp, poles and stakes), it’s not for your average commune-loving hippie. Living sheet and inner tents are sold separately, tipping a full package price to over $2,300.