Stanley Titanium Multi-Cup

Simply Advanced: Stanley Titanium ‘Multi-Cup’ Is a New Camp Favorite

Sometimes, the most basic pieces of gear are the most well-designed. Stanley’s double-wall, vacuum-insulated titanium Multi-Cup reaches rarefied air with its blend of utility, technology, and, most importantly, simplicity.

Editor’s note: This review was originally published in September 2020. The Titanium Series is now available for purchase on Stanley’s website.

When it comes to camp mugs, everyone seems to have a favorite, and rarely are they the same. Whether it has the perfect handle, just the right color, or weathered all the right drops, people hold tight to that one cup on every trip.

And I’m not going to lie, as a GearJunkie editor, I have a lot of cups. A lot of cups. And while there’s a standout feature for each of them, I now have a new go-to favorite.

This month, Stanley launched its Titanium Series with “TiVac.” In plain English, the Seattle brand introduced a line of ultralight, double-wall, vacuum-insulated camp mugs. This includes a 14-ounce Travel Mug, a 12-ounce Camp Mug, and, my favorite, a 10-ounce Multi-Cup.

In short: With its ridiculously simple design, the Stanley Multi-Cup stands out from the cupboard with a mix of technological innovation and basic-but-kickass performance. Half can koozie, half mug, the Multi-Cup’s titanium and vacuum insulation make it lighter than my other options without sacrificing performance.

Stanley Titanium Multi-Cup Review

Stanley Titanium Multi-Cup

I won’t expend too many words on this review, as the product is straightforward and does what it says it will do.

The 10-ounce Multi-Cup weighs a scant 4 ounces. With its industry-standard double-wall vacuum insulation, you can add boiling water or ice to the cup and not feel anything in the hand. This is the same property that helps keep whatever is in the Multi-Cup hot or cold.

What puts this cup over the top, though, is its design. The Multi-Cup is just the right size and shape to hold a cold canned beverage. It’s a small touch, to be sure, but it adds just one more use to make a camp outing a little easier.

And while other brands, like Hydro Flask’s Cooler Cup, offer double-duty mug koozies, their stainless steel construction adds a few ounces to the pack (albeit at a friendlier price). By the same token, there are certainly other titanium mugs on the market — who hasn’t seen Snow Peak’s pack-friendly 600 Mug? — but they’re not vacuum-insulated.

The Multi-Cup does it all. And to be fair, it does so at a price: $80. Is that worth it? No way this camp mug makes it into everyone’s gear closet, nor should it. There are cheaper, less-techie options that work just fine. But if you have the budget, mind the grams, and will appreciate the versatility, the $80 Multi-Cup will pull its weight and provide value in the long-term.

If there’s a downside, it’s the lid. The plastic lid is lightweight and serves its purpose. But if you care enough about weight to buy titanium, you (like me) will probably just ditch the lid. Heck, if you’re like me, you’ll probably just lose it. But that’s OK because I just want it to keep things inside it one temp, and my hands hand-temp — simple. For that, the Multi-Cup works, simply.

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