Did He Survive? PR Stunt Pitted Copywriter Against The Wild

Lee Kimball went into the Oregon wilds for five days with only the brands his company represented and the well-wishes of his coworkers.

Roundhouse creative agency represents several outdoor brands. This year, the Portland-based company decided to put its clients’ products to the test (and drum up some online buzz).

A resident copywriter with no outdoor experience or survival acumen was selected as the prime candidate to “Live Off The Brands.” With the likes of YETI, Leatherman, Adidas, and Microsoft, Kimball’s brand list would be more than enough for the seasoned outdoors-person to “rough it” for five days.

But his tribulations proved both hilarious and perplexing.

Lee's remaining gear cache after 'Living Off The Brands'
Lee’s remaining gear cache after ‘Living Off The Brands’