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Freebie: Get a $70 First Aid Roll With Any VSSL Adventure Kit

VSSL Camping Supplies With Axe Around Bonfire
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Stay prepared for the unexpected. To help, VSSL is throwing in a First Aid Roll, valued at $70, to any orders over $90. You can choose from any of the brand’s curated adventure kits or build your own.

The idea behind a preparedness kit is to set and forget it. Peace of mind comes from knowing you have a kit to meet your needs and can pack it along with your other gear.

VSSL organizes its kits through a series of stackable canisters. These slide into an aluminum tube with functional end caps that house a compass or four-mode LED light (among other options). The result is a compact and lightweight cache of supplies in a waterproof vessel.

Now through April 30, VSSL will include a free First Aid Roll ($70 value) with any purchase of more than $90. It includes 48 first-aid products that can easily be stashed in a backpack or glove box. Choose one of the kits below or build your own.

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VSSL First Aid + Free First Aid Roll: $94 (25% Off)

Man Putting VSSL First Aid In Backpack
Photo credit: VSSL

If you want to double down on emergency preparedness (and savings), VSSL’s First Aid Kit is 25% off, and you still get the free First Aid Roll.

VSSL First Aid Product Array

VSSL First Aid Specs

  • Compass and LED light end caps
  • Adventure tape
  • Large and knuckle bandages
  • Gauze and blister pads
  • Antibiotic and burn creams
  • Hemostatic agent
  • Medical gloves
  • Antiseptic wipes
  • 3M Steri-Strips
  • Disposable thermometers
  • Pain-relief tablets
  • Tweezer, whistle, safety pins
  • 14 oz.; 9″ x 2″

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VSSL Camp Supplies + Free First Aid Roll: $129

VSSL Camping Supplies Around Bonfire
Photo courtesy of VSSL
Over 70 outdoor items fit into this VSSL, which, according to the brand, should keep you organized and prepared for some unexpected situations. Check out the Mini and Suunto editions as well.

VSSL Camping Supplies Product Array

VSSL Camp Supplies Specs

  • Compass and LED light end caps
  • Mini first-aid kit w/ antiseptic wipes, bandages, and closure strips
  • Rope, razor
  • P38, whistle, zip ties
  • Matches and tinder
  • Wire saw
  • Beeswax candle
  • Water-purification kit
  • Fishing kit
  • Sewing kit
  • Adventure tape
  • 15.6 oz.; 9″ x 2″

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VSSL Flask + Free First Aid Roll: $76 (20% Off in Silver)

Guys Drinking From VSSL Flask
Photo credit: VSSL

Pair adventure and happy hour with this flask from VSSL. It holds 9 ounces of your favorite beverage, two collapsible shot glasses, and the cap has a flashlight. Plus, the silver model is 20% off right now.

VSSL Flask Specs

  • Compass and LED light end caps
  • 9oz. capacity w/ glass walls to preserve flavor
  • 2 collapsible shot glasses
  • VSSL bottle opener
  • 14.5 oz.; 9″ x 2″

Shop VSSL Flask

Customize Your Kit

Camping VSSL Strapped to the Bottom of a Backpack
Photo credit: VSSL

VSSL’s modal system makes building your own as easy as picking the end caps and insert tins.

Options for end caps include a glass-breaker, a compass, an LED light, or a handle. From there, the options for stackable inserts open up to include practical items that used to be stuffed into survival knives: waterproof matches, cord, and firestarters.

Then there are more modern selections like zip ties or a balm, as well as whimsical tins that hold shot cups or dice games.

Because the items are self-contained in canisters, you can buy extras and swap those in and out of the tube you carry for a more mission-specific kit. After all, fish hooks are less effective in the forest.

Build Your Own VSSL

This article is sponsored by VSSL. See more of the brand’s supply cache kits here.

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