YETI Boomer Dog Bowl and Lowlands Camp Blanket

New YETI: Daypack, Dog Bowl, Camp Blanket, and More

With the same trademark burliness claims as its coolers, YETI continues its march through the product aisles — now catering to commuters, slumberers, and Fido.

YETI Boomer Dog Bowl and Lowlands Camp Blanket

What began with comically hefty, premium-priced coolers has grown into a product phenomenon that continually has outdoors people wondering, “What will YETI do next?”

YETI Tocayo Lowlands Boomer

And today the Austin-based brand announced another product launch, this time targeting a slightly broader market than its hunt-fish faithful. Joining the YETI lineup are the Tocayo 26 backpack, Boomer dog bowl, and Lowlands camp blanket. Additionally, the brand announced some updates and accessories to its Rambler travel mug line.

All products will launch in the fall of 2018.

YETI Tocayo 26 Backpack

YETI Tocayo backpack

Leading the charge from the campsite to the city is the Tocayo 26 backpack. With a laptop sleeve, single stash pocket, and water-repellent 1,000-denier nylon construction, the Tocayo has commutes in mind — “by floatplane, dirt road, or bike lane,” according to YETI.

YETI Tocayo backpack

The pack looks pretty standard but does sport a couple noteworthy features. First off, YETI put padding throughout and added a “Roundhouse Grid” that allows the pack to stand freely without flopping over whether full or empty. In addition, YETI incorporated two gusseted interior pockets that function like cupholders (or sneaker stash pockets). As you might have guessed, the brand says these pockets are a perfect fit for its Rambler mugs.

YETI Tocayo backpack

Rounding out the build, YETI added PU backing to help repel weather and moisture. But there are no waterproof zippers, so no submersing this pack. Like all things YETI, the Tocayo pack carries a premium price tag — it retails for $250.

YETI Lowlands Camp Blanket

YETI Lowlands camp blanket

Perhaps the most interesting addition to the YETI family is its softest, least muscle-minded product to date. The Lowlands blanket joins the growing market of camp blankets. Like its peers, the Lowlands has stakeout loops at each corner, a waterproof backing, and a plush top layer.

YETI Lowlands camp blanket stakeout loops

The blanket measures 55 inches long by 78 inches wide, comes with its own carrying case, and costs $200.

YETI Boomer Dog Bowl

YETI also expands its reach by moving into nonhuman gear. The Boomer dog bowl essentially looks like a smashed down, stretched out Rambler mug. It sports stainless steel construction and a nonslip bottom to keep bigger dogs from pushing it around the kitchen floor while chowing down. It’s also dishwasher safe.

YETI Boomer dog bowl

Smaller dogs would have a hard time moving it at all, as it weighs nearly 2.5 pounds. And of course, YETI touts the Boomer’s durability and resistance to breaks and abrasion. It looks like a bomber dog dish, but how many dog bowls do most people go through?

YETI Boomer dog bowl non-slip bottom

Maybe its biggest selling point, though, is its colorful coating. Besides a bare stainless steel finish, Boomer comes in hallmark YETI-specific colors: Black, Brick Red, and Seafoam.

And yes, it will be more expensive than pretty much all other dog bowls. The Boomer retails for $50, which is double (or even triple) the cost of other stainless steel, rubber-bottom bowls.

YETI Stackable Pint Mugs, Mag Slider Lid

YETI Rambler Stackable Pint

Rounding out YETI’s fall launch are updates to its Rambler mug line. The most interesting note here is a new Stackable Pint mug. It has all the same construction of other Ramblers but solves one of the more frustrating elements of YETI mugs: the massive shelf space they consume.

YETI also announced a MagSlider lid that fits the Wine Tumbler it launched early this year. The splash-blocking Magslider lid had fit other Rambler mugs but now helps adventurous winos keep every precious drop of vino from spilling out.

Rambler Stackable Pints retail in two-packs for $50, and the Tumbler MagSlider Lid costs $10.

All fall 2018 products will launch on What do you think of the latest YETI gear? Tell us if you’ll be investing in these latest products and what you expect next from the brand!

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