The Zetros: Mercedes Monster Camper

Throwing moderation to the wind, zillionaire international men of mystery with a hankering for the backcountry experience (or an elusive mobile headquarters) can now face it head on in the Mercedes Zetros.

The Zetros is the latest Mercedes-Benz rugged vehicle designed with disaster relief and military operations in mind. The platform is even used for fire trucks. But it didn’t take long for a visionary with subscription to Rob Report to see the true opportunity for this 6×6 wheel drive mastodon. (A 4×4 model is available. But if you’re going this far, why not go all the way?)

Powered with a 7.2-liter diesel inline six-cylinder engine, 900 pound-feet of torque distributes its 320 horsepower to all six wheels through three differentials.

After a long day of grinding up 80 percent grades and bashing axel deep through rushing streams, the wary captain can retire to his luxurious cabin quarters. Designed in partnership with Hartmann Spezialkarosserien, a high-end mobile home manufacturer, your command center is trimmed in rare woods and fine leather and is wired for the highlife, including two flat screen displays, Bose surround sound, internet and satellite communication.

The 18’ x 7’ living space is powered by two lithium-ion batteries. But when the proverbial hits the fan, its got a diesel powered generator and a backup solar panels that enable you to finish the mission. Paired with its 600 liter fuel capacity and 300 liter tank of of water, you be certain to keep going long after the dust settles.

What’s the price, you ask? We’re gonna cut you off right there. If you’ve gotta ask, get back in your puny Hummer. You can’t afford it.