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Multi-Tool On A Stick: Crazy 'Survival Staff' Has Interchangeable Weapons, Axe

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If you like to use a walking stick and just might need to spear a wooly mammoth or shoot something with a slingshot, the soon-to-market Zubin Axe has got you covered.

The concept is, as one editor put it, “caveman ridiculous,” but also kind of awesome, in a backcountry ninja sort of way.

The multi-spear “staff” begins as a walking stick. When needed, you can add attachments that turn it into a fish spear, axe, animal spear, saw or slingshot. Now you’ve got one of the most badass — albeit questionably useful — products we’ve seen in quite some time.

The complete kit with all the tools will cost $320 when it hits the market on Oct. 1, so this isn’t a purchase-on-a-whim type item.

But looking at some of the details, it appears to be manufactured with quality materials.

Georgia-based Zubin crafts the staff from hickory wood with a rubber grip “for comfort.”

The blade/spear/saw implements are made of 440C stainless steel, a common mid-grade knife steel with corrosion resistance, decent edge retention and sharpenability.

Don’t need all the tools? The staff is also sold with just single attachments. The staff and axe are sold as a combination at $176.

Other attachments can be purchased alone, with the saw blade, slingshot and fishing spear each costing $32. The double-edged spear is $64.

The Zubin Axe is an interesting if eccentric addition to the outdoors market. The company doesn’t list weights or other specs on the product, and without testing it we can’t say how well the tools actually work. But it’s unique if nothing else, and looks like a lot of fun to use as you chop, spear, slingshot and saw your way through the forest.

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