Clean Bike Bottle

Clean Bike Bottle

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We’ve all been there: looking skeptically at a bike water bottle that appears new-ish from the outside, but questionable on the inside. And everyone but David Mayer, a cyclist and entrepreneur, didn’t do much other than use said bottle or toss it. Mayer created a bottle with a removable bottom to aid in cleaning dubbed the Clean Bottle. It debuted last week at the mountain bike festival, the Sea Otter Classic.

The Clean Bottle

“The idea for Clean Bottle came to me on a bike ride,” says Mayer. “Earlier in the day I went to grab my bottle only to find it looking like a science experiment gone wrong! It was impossible to clean so I had to throw it away.” Right then it dawned on Mayer that if he had access to the bottom of the bottle he’d be able to clean it.

Thus is the main feature of the Clean Bottle. It has a leak-proof, screw-off bottom. It is made with non-toxic, BPA-free plastic. The Clean Bottle retails for $9.95. But the company is currently offering a 20% discount to online shoppers. This deal might save some money in the short run. The Clean Bottle may help you save money in the long run — and keep some plastic out of the landfill or recycling bin for a little longer.

—Stephen Krcmar