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Learn From the Best Pro Climbers: Arc’teryx Climb Academy Opens Today

The Arc'teryx Climb Academy offers a rare opportunity to rub shoulders and learn from some of the brand's professional athletes, ambassadors, and colleagues. And it does so in a stunning venue steeped with deep climbing culture. It's a rare gathering of the sport's leaders and "regular" climbers like you and me.
Climber at the Arc'Teryx Climb Academy(Photo/Arc'teryx)
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Want to learn from some of the best climbers in the world? Then you’d better register today, as the 2024 Arc’teryx Climb Academy opens the floodgates to an incredible opportunity to learn in an equally incredible environment.

Seiji Ishii (far R) with Drew Ruana (2nd from R) at the 2022 Arc'teryx Climb Academy
The author (far R) gleeful during a bouldering clinic with Drew Ruana (2nd from R) at the 2022 Arc’teryx Climb Academy

The Arc’teryx Climb Academy began as the Squamish Mountain Fest in 2007. I had the honor of attending in 2022 and learned from climbing luminaries like Will Gadd and Drew Ruana. It was pure joy to sample the area’s granite boulders and cliffs and each day ended with numerous events, concerts, and parties where recounting experiences and sharing drinks with climbing legends was standard fare.

Now, you can enjoy the same incredible learning resource while sampling Squamish rock and the deep climbing culture.

The Deets on the 2024 Arc’teryx Climb Academy

Lucas Uchida on Dreamcatcher 5.14d in Squamish
Typical world-class shenanigans during the 2022 Arc’teryx Climb Academy. Lucas Uchida on Dreamcatcher 5.14d; (photo/Seiji Ishii)

Registration opens today at 12 p.m. PDT for the 2024 edition of the Arc’teryx Climb Academy, taking place August 23-25. You will have to make some difficult decisions though. There are plentiful clinic offerings held in different beautiful venues around Squamish. Some of the events this year include the following:

The Fine Art of Bailing With Sam Hennessey

Knowing how to get down the mountain is just as important as knowing how to get up. This clinic revolves around the techniques used to retreat from a climb: rappelling, lowering, and using a tag line, as well as improvising systems for when you drop your rappel device, your rope isn’t long enough, and more!

Having the tools to escape the mountain when things go sideways can give you the confidence to take on committing routes at your limit or simply climb with a bigger margin.

Sport Climbing Tactics With Alannah Yip

Level up your sport climbing with Olympian Alannah Yip. This clinic will explore mental and physical techniques that will help you perform at your best on rock.

Adaptive Climbing Technique With Craig DeMartino

Whether you’re an adaptive climber, a guide, or climbing gym staff seeking to advance their professional development in climbing, this clinic is intended for everyone who wants to learn more about adaptive climbing.

It will provide a detailed overview of adaptive climbing approaches, systems, subtleties, and complexities. They will discuss the importance of risk mitigation, coaching, site selection, defining roles, and communication.

Limit Projecting With Jonathan Siegrist

Take this chance to push to your limit on rock. In this clinic, Jonathan will share advice about limit-projecting tactics while every participant picks a hard single objective for the day and gets after it!

Rock Rescue 101 & 201 With Sarah Hueniken

Ever thought about the “what ifs”? This clinic is designed to give you tools to get out of difficult situations, whether at the crag or on a long climb. You will learn how to tie off your climber, escape a belay, ascend a rope, and improvise rappel techniques. Lots of learning and lots of practice!

Iwa-do (The Path of the Stone) With Ashima Shiraishi

In Japanese, “iwa” means stone and “do” means the path — so Iwado embodies Ashima’s specific path towards climbing, informed by her background in Zen Buddhism and interest in nature, ecology, and meditation. You’ll spend the day climbing and enjoying the outdoors.

Motherhood and Climbing With Nina Caprez

Are you taking the next steps into motherhood or have you recently started on the journey and want to know how to keep climbing in the mix? Many future parents are questioning about doing sports during and after pregnancy and specifically climbing, so it’s important to have good advice if you wish to continue climbing.

Learn Nina’s need-to-know tricks and beta on being a mother in the world of climbing. This clinic is open to women, women-identifying, and non-binary folks.

Register Today for the 2024 Arc’teryx Climb Academy

Bouldering in Squamish during the 2022 Arc'teryx Climb Academy
Typical scene in the Squamish forest during the 2022 Arc’teryx Climb Academy; (photo/Seiji Ishii)

As you can see, the potential learning and grin-factor potential for this weekend in August is off the chart. Don’t delay, as I know from the past that the limited clinic spots get gobbled up fast by over-stoked rock jocks. Open up your computer, register, and get fired up! Squamish and an unforgettable experience awaits!

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