A ‘Good Month’ for Drew Ruana: 7 V14 & V15 Sends, Including First Ascents

With this iPhone edit, Drew Ruana shows his talent for understatement. The climber actually sent seven boulders V14 and above in less than a month.

In early October, Ruana pulled off the first-ever repeat of a Daniel Woods V16 boulder problem. 

“The Ice Knife” stood unrepeated for nearly a decade before Ruana pulled himself to the top on Oct. 5.

“This is the longest time it’s taken me to send a boulder, and after 35ish days I was incredibly stoked to stand on top of by far my hardest yet,” Ruana wrote on Instagram.

For most climbers, that’s news enough. Yet the latest vid from Ruana includes footage of his six other finished projects in October, which include five V14s and a V15.

Watch him send some of the world’s gnarliest boulders in this recap of “A Good Month.”

Runtime: 10.5 minutes

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