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Anatomically Correct Nut Tool

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Any rock climber knows, if you use your nuts, at some point you’re going to get them stuck in a crack.

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Thankfully, there’s a tool designed to dislodge your nuts. This new one, called Dick’s Nut Tool (designed by the one and only Dick Cocksure of Portland, Ore.,), is “anatomically correct.”

(Note to non-climbers: Nut tools are a real thing and have been around for decades; they just don’t usually have such an, um, anatomical design.)

We got in touch with ol’ Dick to learn more about his tool, which is currently raising funds on Kickstarter. Stick one on your rack for $25.

nut tool

So, what’s your inspiration?
Our inspiration comes from a love of climbing and a love of design. There’s just something about climbing… the way it stimulates so many parts of the brain at once leaves us totally awestruck, and grateful to be alive.

How hard is the metal? (seriously, what kind of steel is used)?
Oh, it’s hard. We’re using stainless steel 304, which has a Rockwell hardness of 70 and tensile strength of 73 kpsi. Almost twice as strong as aluminum.

Does it work in any crack?
You can put Dick’s in cracks of all shapes and sizes. We’re not aiming to make the thinnest nut tool in the world, choosing durability rather than extreme versatility. It’s ideal for cracks over 1/2″, but, of course, you can get your nuts stuck in any crack.

Um… really, though, practically, are there benefits beyond the unique shape?
The tool functions pretty much exactly like traditional nut tools, only we’ve re-vamped the design, made it more ergonomic, and added a bottle opener.

We got feedback about the design from lots of people. At first it was a bit too rigid. It served its function as a tool but people didn’t seem drawn to it.

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Do you plan to sell these after the Kickstarter? 

Providing that we cover our startup costs and hit our crowdfunding goal, Dick’s Nut Tool will be available for purchase starting this fall. The prices will be similar to the Kickstarter rate, with the nut tool in the $25 range.

Do you make any other products?

Right now we’re focusing our energies on the nut tool and the key tool, and watching to see how they’re supported. We’re exploring the possibility of an extended line of Dick’s tools that would retain our original aspiration: To bring quality climbing products to folks who want to go hard.

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