Parkour Pro Gets First Ascent — With Help From Wide Boyz

Parkour athlete Toby Segar spends a whole 5 days training with Pete Whittaker before they take on a multipitch climb together.

Judging by their YouTube videos, Toby Segar and Pete Whittaker have been having a lot of fun together over the last year.

Segar, a parkour pro, and Whittaker, one of the world’s best crack climbers, have made several videos about sharing their respective skill sets.

In the latest, Whittaker takes Segar on a multipitch, first-ascent climb. In case you’re doubting the actual lack of experience, Segar asks for an explanation of a dihedral — just before the pair starts gearing up to climb one.

Though Segar often jokes about his inexperience, he climbs the first pitch without placing a single piece of pro.

“This unknown malarky is all a bit weird for me,” Segar says.

If British slang and friendly hijinks in dangerous situations sound like your cup of tea, don’t miss this one.

Runtime: 28.5 minutes

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