‘Rotpunkt’ Climbing Film Trailer: The Art of Redpointing

‘There’s no such thing as too much power,’ said German climbing legend Wolfgang Güllich. Alex Megos knows this all too well.

“Rotpunkt” documents the pain, planning, and art that is redpointing through the efforts of climbing machine Alex Megos. In climbing, redpointing refers to free-climbing a route on lead after having practiced the route beforehand.

The film traces the roots of the strategy back through rural Bavaria’s climbing scene and up to young climber Alex Megos’ career. Watch as Megos “battles to unlock new levels of human potential,” sending the stoke to levels we didn’t think were possible.

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“Rotpunkt” will premiere on October 10 in Patagonia’s Boulder, Colorado, and Honolulu, Hawaii, stores and across the nation in the following months. The digital film will release on YouTube in the winter 0f 2019.

If you want to host a local screening, contact Patagonia at film.screenings@patagonia.com. Film photography and directing by Ken Etzel

Mary Murphy

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