Uncut: Watch Shawn Raboutou Climb Crazy New V16 Roof

The ‘Story of 3 Worlds’? For Shawn Raboutou, there’s just one world: the one where he crushes climbs.

For the rest of us, who knows. Cumbersome as it may seem here in the age of the multiverse, Raboutou makes it pretty simple. Grab hold, pull down very hard, do not fall, repeat.

Raboutou’s movement on his new Swiss bloc, “Story of 3 Worlds,” is pretty three-dimensional. Half the time, his feet are above his head and his wrists are turned the wrong way.

What can we say, it’s V16 in a horizontal roof. “Most insane thing that passes for a hand hold” award goes to the vertical fingertip surface at 24 seconds.

Enough already; witness the sickness.

Runtime: 4 minutes

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